Graphic art - a kind of fine art that combines drawing as an independent field of art, and various types of printing: etching, lithography, woodcut, monotype, etc. Drawing is a unique work, as it exists in a single copy. Works of printed graphics can be replicated in many copies, each of which is the original. Drawing is the basis of all kinds of graphic arts and painting. With the development of modern technologies in the concept of "graphics" began to include a computer graphics, that is, images created with the help of computer programs that can be reproduced on various physical media. This is also a kind of draw graphics.

I have a classical academic education and extensive experience in creating graphic works. Knowledge of the principles of constructive drawing, of the technique of drawing by hand (pen, ink, pencil, watercolor, acrylic) allows me to solve a wide range of creative tasks. Modern technologies of computer processing and printing of images make it possible to replicate copies of original drawings created in a single copy, and create their variations for use in a variety of projects.


GRAPHIC freehand DRAWING (pencil, ink, pen, watercolor)



портрет цереры перо тушь полиграфия


Unlike many design firms, which do not produce arts, but only hire artists and then sell their work to the customer, I am a direct artist, without managers and intermediaries. Ordering graphics from me, you discuss all issues with me directly. At the request of the customer, I sign the contract of the author's order, transfer the copyright to the design to the customer, and guarantee that all graphics is my author's work.

When ordering a design, the customer can act as an individual, the person with whom I communicate directly on the project, or as a company. In the first case, it is the contact person who coordinates the design versions and approves the final version. The contract is signed with this person and the copyright is transferred to this person. In the second case, the contract can be concluded between my company and the customer's company and the copyrights are transferred under the contract between them.


You send me an e-mail a specification (all design information) with the application of the necessary graphic elements (if any). After reading the terms , I report the cost of the work. The price depends on the amount of time spent on the work. The average price of one of my working day - 120$. If the price suits you, I start work. You pay 50% of the design cost (this payment is prepaid and non-refundable): the object of payment is one design, the object is digital and immaterial. This payment does not give any rights to the design. I propose 2 - 6 design concepts in the form of a collage in Photoshop, conveying my vision of the future graphic image. You choose and approve one concept. Changing the concept after the start of work is possible only with a surcharge, depending on the amount of work already done.

Then I develop a preliminary design based on the concept you previously approved. This design is the basis for further detailed drawing. At your request, I make edits/corrections within the preliminary design. Edits that go beyond the approved design are paid separately (for example, if you suddenly decide to change the composition, add graphics - the amount of additional payment for this work is calculated separately). Design for approval send you in .jpg format with watermarks or without them. Once you approve the preliminary design, I draw it closely by hand, using the previously agreed technique, with a detailed drawing of all the necessary elements.

The delivery of the original image or the digitized copies and copyrights is made after the payment of the remainder. You pay the remaining 50% and I send the source code. The original and copies (files of design in digital format) send only after receiving 100% payment. If the work stops at the request of the customer - the money paid and the source code will not be returned.

Delivery of the created design is carried out by sending to the customer's e-mail a document in digital format and/or in any other convenient way. If the customer "disappears" (ceases to respond to e-mails) for more than 15 calendar days, the contract is considered to be terminated at the initiative of the customer. In this case, both the prepayment and the design remain to the designer and can be used him. In this case, the customer does not receive any rights to the image and has no right to use it in any way. In developing the concept of design, the author can use as a basis graphic works in the public domain. If you want to get only the original work of authorship - this should be specified in the terms of reference before starting work.

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