My specialization is painting, graphics (classic drawing by hand), graphic design, design of medals and coins, printing design. I have more than 25 years of experience in painting and design. Recently, due to the acute shortage of professionals in the field of medal art, namely sculptors, medallists and 3-d sculptors, owning techniques of creating low multiplane 3D relief (less than 1mm height), I had to do this work on their own. As a result,you see a new section of my site : 3D modeling of coins and medals in the program Artcam. Now I can not only design a coin or medal, but also create a 3D relief according to the design. In the end, the customer receives not only a 2-dimensional design, which will have to give a medalist, and two file - 2D and 3D.

3d рельеф Крейсер Киров

3D models for coins and medals

Coins and medals, or rather master-models and stamps (dies) for them today are made on CNC equipment. A very important requirement of these miniature images is a combination of low relief (less than 1 mm height) and the need to create a high-quality multiplane image: portraits, figures of people, architectural monuments or various compositions with a combination of ornaments, figures and texts.

Due to the frequent calls and questions, please pay attention, I do 3D modeling only of COINS and MEDALS.

3D model Artcam Price

The price depends on the quality of technical specifications, deadlines, my workload and my interest. In case of ordering the design and model together, the total price will be lower than the order separately. The price also depends on the amount of copyright transferred: exclusive rights are much more expensive than a simple license. With customers who want to execute the order from A to Z (to order at once both design, and modeling, and production) all questions are discussed personally.
Subsequent small changes to the finished model are free of charge. Substantial processing is carried out at an additional cost.
And don't forget - Cheapest is the dearest. It is better to increase the cost of the finished product by a few percent due to high-quality design and/or 3d models than to get a cheap but unattractive product, which then no one will buy.
With new customers I work on an advance payment: 50% of the cost of the contract personally with me. After that, I send screenshots of the visualization of the finished model, make improvements, if necessary. After approval, you pay the remaining 50% and I send the model.

Quality of works

- professional knowledge of academic drawing and understanding of constructive drawing allows me to create a high-quality relief without distortions of form peculiar to amateurs (this is especially true when modeling faces and figures of people)
- high quality 3D model surface with optimal file size and resolution
- properly built relief with no vertical walls. Draft angle is at least 25%
- low relief (0.3 to 1 mm)
- sharpness of relief, without computer smoothing
- compliance with all dimensions of the technical specifications

Examples and quality of Artcam models can be found in the PORTFOLIO section 3D MODELING АРТКАМ.

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