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46. Medal design "Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi" 

      Coin design Fortuna Imperatrix Mund

Design by D.Fedorov

Dear frends ! My medal design "Fortuna imperatrix mundi" go to the final stage (“Preliminary Stage”) of the International Coin Design Competittion 2017 in Japan. I am the first russian designer whose get such a high quality grade for his work. Result of Preliminary Stage you can see here


On the obverse of the medal, Fortune is shown wearing rich clothes , just like Lady Luck, in accordance with the medieval tradition. In one hand Fortune holds the staff of "caduceus ", symbol of success, crowned by the head of Opportunity (Occasio). In other hand she holds the Globe as a symbol of the World over which it stretches and also as a symbol of its variability, instability and inconstancy.
The main attribute of Fortune – Fortune's Wheel - symbolizing rapidity of happiness is also represented on a medal. It lifts up the fallen and humiliates those becoming too proud. At the right on Fortune's Wheel the figure is shown that Wheel uplifts upwards, and on the left is a figure that Wheel drops downward. From above on a circle an inscription: "Fortuna imperatrix mundi" which means "Fortune is the world Empress ". Also on a medal other attributes of Fortune are shown - horns of plenty, shell and pearls.

Fortune is the daughter of Ocean and Tethys , his sister. Fortune is called Lady of Waters and all seamen worship to her. That is why Her traditional symbols and attributes are the Ocean, the Ship with the sails filled with a wind and a Shell. Companions of Fortune are dolphins, naiads and nereids, hippocampus and also other sea inhabitants.
On the reverse of the medal Fortune, according to the antique tradition, is dressed in antique clothes. She rushes on the ocean on the Hippocampus. In one hand she holds the Horn of Plenty symbolizing prosperity and material welfare. In other hand she holds himation, filled with a wind, symbolizing variability, instability and Fortune's inconstancy. Among waves there is an inscription “ Fortuna venit” which means “Fortune is coming, Happiness is coming”.
The Fortune's Wheel, as her main symbol, is represented on a circumference, decorated with elements from sea shells.

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