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4. Coin series "Lady Of Fortune" (produced)

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Silver Coin The Lady of Fortune $1 Colored Unique Shape 1 oz 2014 (first coin).  Design by D.Fedorov

Presented by Treasures of Oz (Australia)
Nominal value 1 dollar (Tokelau)
Metal Silver 999
Weight 1 oz
Diametr 40 x 40 mm
Quality Proof, high relief, colored /Antique Finish
Mintage 2500 (2500)
Producer BH Mayer Mint (Germany)
Year 2014


This is the first coin in the Fortuna series. The second coin look at the st. No.6 (here) .
In 2016 was produced a 1 kilo coin. Look at st.No.5 (here)

The Lady of Fortune has long held sway over the fates of sailors, for it was she who determined which way the wheel of fortune spun for every person aboard. In these Lady of Fortune silver coins, she stands upon the rota fortunate, the wheel of fortune. Whether the wheel stops at good luck or bad, it never stays at one setting for long. Fortunes change as often as the direction in which the wheel spins.

Sailors depended on the Lady of Fortune for successful voyages; she led their ships into safe waters from her position on the figurehead where she was often carved. To ensure their good fortune, sailors even anointed the ship’s deck with wine to gain her favour.

The Lady of Fortune is a personification of luck itself, and symbolizes the unpredictable nature of life. She is capable of bringing both good luck and bad. On this coin, the Lady of Fortune stands resplendently upon the rota fortunae, the wheel of fortune, representing an infinite cycle of success and tragedy. Behind her, the sun sets over the ocean and a ship with wind in its sails. Sailors revered the Lady of Fortune, needing her favor for a safe voyage. For this reason, she was often carved as the ship’s figurehead, and wine spilled on the deck before a voyage as an offering. Surrounding the central image, in stunning proof quality, are mythical sea creatures, basking in the abundance offered by Fortuna. The lettering Fortuna Venit also appears on the coin meaning, fortune comes / happiness comes.


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