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In this section the design of more then 120 coins and medals designed by me are presented. On the basis of some design 70 coins have either already been produced or are currently in the process of being made. Other coins design are the property of the author and their publication is not promulgation of the project of the official bank note with a view of its subsequent use according to item 2 of item 1264 GК of the Russian Federation and on any use of the published sketch my consent should be received. During last time I managed to work for Treasures of Oz, Modern Numismatic International, Goznak, Sberbank, Perth Mint, New Zeland Mint.

Tools: Photoshop, ink, pencil, acrilic paint.

I accept orders for development of design of coins (from the companies) and design of medals (from the companies and private persons) under the contract of the author's order. Term of execution depends on complexity of a task. The prices are discussed individually. It is given to the customer the files ready for transfer to mint manufacture. Concerning design of coins and medals write on


31.Coin design "St Nicholas, the Miracle Worker"(property of the author)

Coin design St Nicholas, the Miracle Worker

Coin design "St Nicholas, the Miracle Worker". Design by D.Fedorov

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Saint Nicholas is the common name for Saint Nicholas of Myra, who lived in 4th century Byzantine Lycia (modern day Antalya, Turkey), who had a reputation for secret gift-giving. This is as much as is generally known about him in the West.

Saint Nicholas is revered by many as the patron saint of seamen, merchants, archers, children, students, pharmacists, lawyers, pawnbrokers, prisoners, thiefs, the city of Amsterdam and of Russia.


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